About us


COMFORT SA is a modern company founded in 1990., offering products at a high European level and recording very good results. The company is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of reinforced concrete precasts. The company offer includes all types of structural components and the experienced team constantly introduces new solutions and takes care of the highest quality of the products. The company provides precasts for constructions of the largest facilities in Poland – shopping centers, hypermarkets, industrial facilities, stadiums, institutional facilities, and both housing and bridge contructions.

In the first years of operation, the company provided building services on the German market only. The experience gained by the company on contracts carried out on such a difficult and demanding market as the German market and the increased understanding of modern production and assembly technologies of precasts were successfully transferred to the Polish market and in a short time The COMFORT Company has become a leader among manufacturers of reinforced concrete precasts both in Poland and abroad, introducing to the construction industry the latest standards and technical solutions. In 2010. The Company previously operating under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe COMFORT Spółka z o.o. was transformed into a public limited liability Company. In January, 2014. The company acquired production plant in Toruń. Currently both plants have similar products range, which translates into higher capacity and flexibility in production and deliveries for constructions in the country.

The Management Board of the Company:

Chief Executive Officer
Grzegorz Bajek

Vice President of the Board
Elżbieta Paszek


Comfort prefabrication, high production efficiency, convenience, modernity