Sole plates

Self-supporting or hanging on the columns of  curtain walls (usually layered walls)

Walls of fire separation (single-layered walls)

Thanks to modern technological solutions, it is possible to shape not only the dimensions of the walls, the colour but also the texture. The Company offers single-layered walls, fire dividing walls and external walls (usually as multi-layered walls so called. sandwiches) with various heat transfer coefficients. The elements are made entirely in the prefabrication plant, “tailor made”, adjusted to the particular project, easy to assemble and visually attractive, used both in industrial and residential construction. Walls can be equipped with all necessary accessories and installations already at the production stage (electrical boxes, electric cables, elements of water and sewerage network and any transition fittings or openings).

Comfort are not limited to making only pre-drilled walls, because on special order the plant will make and deliver to the construction site walls with recessed complete window and door joinery, finished in paint, with plastering finish in any technique and with tiled finish, stone or brick cladding,  e.t.c. An additional advantage of precast reinforced concrete walls is that they do not require any special maintenance treatments during its life time.

Installation of walls can be done using  “dry” technology or using monolithic joints.