Columns with rectangular cross-section
Reinforced prefabricated columns are widely used in construction, they are designed for the object height,  have rectangular-, square- cross-section, which can be varied depend on requirements.
Our standard products are complex, multi-storey columns with brackets of any size, shape and place of fixation – according to the architectural and structural requirements of the facility.
We produce installed columns both:
-by using anchor rods, installation is possible thanks to robusta pipes embedded in the precast concrete which align with the heel anchor rods in the foundation. Robusta pipes at the construction site are poured by the fitter with an expansive, fast-acting, high-strength mortar, optionally permeable to use fine-grained concrete;
– on screw connection systems, where the columns are screwed at the construction site to heel anchor bolts and then poured with an expansive, fast-acting, high-strength mortar;
– in the pocket footing – the bottom of the column is ribbed, installation requires no additional accessories. Column is poured with an expansive mortar or fine-grained concrete

Columns with circular cross-section
We produce circular cross-section columns with and without brackets. Usually the columns perform a representative function, where aesthetics plays a significant role. Therefore, mostly they are installed on screw connection systems.

Columns with spot footing
Columns with spot footing are stiffly connected with pad foundation. Production of such elements significantly speed up construction time reducing the “wet” foundation works to a minimum.
We produce columns with spot footing both with rectangular cross-section and circular cross-section.